Ryan is a gifted and extremely talented teacher. His skill set is superb. I wanted to learn French because I am recovering from brain damage and was hoping it would help me regain cognition. This is indeed working for me and Ryan deserves a lot of credit. His flexible teaching style taught me how to learn again. My experience with Ryan has been a blessing. Merci

John Tobey, USA

102 lessons in French

Having a conversation with Ryan is always entertaining because we cover a lot of different topics! We talk about life, death and everything in-between. Even the seven deadly sins, a subject he seems to be an expert on! 🙂 A very curious thing about him is that he can actually read minds! Before you finish a sentence, he already knows what you want to say. It's incredible, but at the same time it's very handy, especially when you don't know the word(s) in French. Just make sure you lock your secrets deep inside your mind. You never know what he may be able to access... 😉

Cesar, Brasil

65 lessons in French




As perfect as always. He is very patient and understanding. Trying to teach me the basics from the very beginning which can be very frustrating but he is full of patience. Thank you Danil!

Sarper Morsalli

18 lessons in Russian

Danil is awesome. He always does his best to teach you the most proper words in Russian according to the context and then explain the nuances accurately. He is dynamic, positive and smart! I would recommend him with no doubt to anybody wanting to learn Russian efficiently and in a great atmosphere. Thank you

Ryan Wonder

25 lessons in Russian




I always come out of Natali's lessons feeling like progress has been made!! Her ability to guide the lessons and keep us on track whilst giving me the space and time to work things out for myself is perfect for me! I leave each lesson feeling more motivated and ready for the next challenge!!


50 lessons in Russian

I currently work and have worked with different online teachers and Natalie is with no doubt the most efficient when it comes to creating content (writing down notes) WHILE teaching. I do the same as a teacher during my lessons and my students keep telling me how useful it is for them - they can review the new vocabulary, grammar structures and such between the lessons and keep this information forever. I'm not talking about 4-5 random words but up to 50 useful words.

Ryan Wonder

42 lessons in Russian



Darina is a superb teacher. First and foremost, she’s easy to talk to. She has a strong command of English and is therefore able to explain small nuisances between English and Ukrainian. Her explanations take something seemingly complicated and makes it very simple for me to understand. Most importantly, Darina makes learning fun. I look forward to our lessons every week. Also Darina is a life coach so she has tips on how to be relaxed through breathing exercises.

Hesham Madkour

18 classes in Ukrainian

Darina is an amazing teacher - she is intelligent, an excellent listener, a fun person, and truly cares about her students. She is very good at adapting her lessons to my needs, and regularly incorporates elements of "real life Russian" into our lessons; sharing personal stories to make applications come to life. Highly recommend and I will definitely continue relying on Darina as an educator!

Jireh Pua

26 lessons in Ukrainian



Gotten along so well with the teacher that I actually forgot I am taking a lesson, its like chatting with a friend. Besides, I love that the teacher had prepared lots of teaching material, and teacher is friendly and pretty ! ❤️

Yi Fang

1 class in Indonesian

I did 10 lessons with Rosie where I improved my speaking and reading. I love the fact that all the class are different, so it doesn't get boring. She always comes up with new fun exercises like crosswords, videos, flashcards... I highly recommend her class. You will improve a lot. 谢谢你,尽快和你谈谈!


11 classes in Chinese