Booking a class

I am only using Skype for teaching French 🇫🇷 and (American) English 🇺🇸 online since it is, in my opinion, the most efficient app for 1-1 video calls for this specific purpose. Please send me your ID if you have one already, or when you’ll have it ready. 

Tell me about your current level (your perception of your current level), what you are good with when it comes to languages, and the opposite. You can tell me about grammar, verbs, pronunciation, speaking, etc. Don’t tell me only about French but any other language you learned. People have patterns and they usually struggle with the same things from one language to another.

We will work on a straightforward task in our first class, reading a basic text, A1, maybe A2 level, answering some questions, and paying attention to pronunciation. Easy text but not an easy task! We will then identify your major weaknesses and I’ll plan the next classes according to my analysis.


Regarding my rates and packages:

The first class is “Guarantee or money back” – garantie ou remboursée ! It means that if you say you didn’t like it, you’re not paying for it and we are parting ways, professionally speaking. If you continue with me, it will be added to the bill. Fair and square.

Most of my Swiss students use the 10 classes package, 10 classes for CHF 400 (+/- $450), these are officially 50-minute classes but they very often turn out to be 60-minute classes.

The other option is 45 CHF ($50)  per class (one after another) but this option doesn’t make much sense since I’m mainly working with regular long-term students.

Frequency: 3 lessons per week maximum for now, 1 is good, 2 is often ideal, it depends on your ambition, free time, and finances. If you have short term plans and need intense training, we can arrange something at a discount. Just contact me in private.


Any questions?  Have a beautiful day ☀️


Your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) teacher, Ryan Wonder (+41775+two+31002 = Telegram, Whatsapp✍️ or email for extra info/booking  🙂