«Изучение иностранных языков- это не просто новые знания.

Это открытие новых культур, знакомство с людьми и новые возможности. Думаю, это самый простой способ радикально изменить свою жизнь и никогда не оглядываться назад ».
― Ryan Wonder


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A fantastic teacher. Ryan was very patient and provided a true "safe zone" for me to make mistakes and guide me to correction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for feedback. He provides a great mixture of structure and natural flow, and will provide resources for you to learn the foundation of French. Merci beaucoup Ryan !
Having a conversation with Ryan is always entertaining because we cover a lot of different topics! We talk about life, death and everything in-between. Even the seven deadly sins, a subject he seems to be an expert on! 🙂 A very curious thing about him is that he can actually read minds! Before you finish a sentence, he already knows what you want to say. It's incredible, but at the same time it's very handy, especially when you don't know the word(s) in French. Just make sure you lock your secrets deep inside your mind. You never know what he may be able to access... 😉
I had an excellent first class with Ryan. He has a pleasant disposition and is easy to talk to. In addition, he has studied multiple languages which means that he has a clear understanding of what is important to make progress and what is ‘just noise’. I very much look forward to taking more classes with him and think that he has a lot to offer to people at all levels. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to make progress in their language journey to give Ryan a try.
It was my first lesson with Ryan and it was very pleasant. I think I’m learning more in a short time because the lesson goes in just the right speed for me and no time is wasted. I like how he types all the new words and grammar corrections without any interruption to the conversation so that I can review them later without worrying about taking notes during the class. Although I’m a beginner, he teaches in French and encourages me to speak everything in French as weel, while offering English translations when I don’t understand. I think such approach will help me improve a lot in a short time.

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